Travel information

We arrive sunday 28th of July and leave friday 2nd of august, so if you register for the conference accomodation you will stay 5 nights starting sunday night.


Käringsundsbyn google maps

Käringsundsbyn street view:


Recommended hotels (for those not staying full week etc):
Eckerö Hotell tfn: +358 18 38 447

Travel information

Eckerölinjen Ferry Grisslehamn - Eckerö2 h
Stockholm - Grisslehamn110 km 1,5 h
Mariehamn - Eckerö32 km 30 h
Hummelvik - Eckerö60 km 1 h
Långnäs - Eckerö60 km 1 h
By air Arlanda - Mariehamn20 min
By air Åbo - Mariehamn30 min
By air Helsingfors - Mariehamn50 min
Ferry Åbo - Mariehamn/Långnäs5 h
Ferry Helsingfors - Mariehamn/Långnäs10 h

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